UserLock 6.0 released

IS Decisions have released the long awaited UserLock 6.0 which is available for trial download here.

UserLock has a number of new features listed here which make it a great product, it provides a feature that most AD tools and AD itself overlook – controlling the number of concurrent sessions users can have at one time – on workstations, servers, terminals and IIS Web Sites.  In addition, it offers time quotas, limiting the time a user can access a machine and rich reporting of user session information.

You can check the product out on IS Decisions website, I have an article to follow on the features I hope to see in UserLock in a forthcoming release and how, before those are even available, you can make UserLock a much more flexible product.

That is not to say of course that this doesn’t have a lot to offer already, it really does, but automating the management of the product makes it an ‘implement-and-forget’ type of tool which lets face it, are the best ones.

Stay tuned.

Categories: General Update

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  1. Thanks for your appreciative comments about UserLock 6.0 Matt!

    We are really impatient to read your next article and find out about your suggestions for UserLock next version …:-)

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