Singapore PowerShell User Group – Event #2 writeup

Singapore PowerShell User Group –

On Saturday 27th August 2011 we held the second Singapore PowerShell User Group meet.  Unfortunately, it coincided with the Singapore election day but 26 people were still in attendance which was great.  Thiyagu (@Thiyagu84) presented once again, following up on the content from Session 1, in this session we covered:

  • Aliases
  • Data Types
  • Operators
  • PowerShell Syntax
  • Foreach-Object
  • $_
  • Filtering

A little more technical than the first, the aim was to get folks familiar with the outputs they were being returned from cmdlets and how they could use them further to get information they needed.  It was good to see some familiar faces from the first session and some new faces for this one.  Hopefully more folks from the first session will be back for the third, since they won’t be required to vote next time!

So this now brings us to the end of two sessions where we have covered the very basics of PowerShell, since most attendees (and it seems most people in Singapore) have limited exposure to and knowledge of PowerShell, we wanted to really start at the low-level to get people comfortable with using it and achieving some useful outcomes.  So where do we go from here?

Session 3 is being planned at the moment where we aim to recap on what the first two sessions have covered and set about getting some practical uses from PowerShell that attendees can take back to their workplace and (after testing of course) start simplifying their daily tasks.  From session 4 we will be able to start getting into Functions, Filters and writing scripts, so there is much more to come.  I really hope folks have found the sessions useful so far and welcome any feedback, both positive and negative!  When we started the User Group both Thiyagu and I agreed it was important that the group would not be just for Intermediate and Advanced PowerShell Users, we wanted to make it accessible for all.  It’s our hope that the sessions we have provided so far are helping to make PowerShell and automation a little less scary to the novice and build a group that everyone can feel part of, so hopefully that’s what we’re doing.

Thank you to Quest Software Singapore for sponsoring us some copies of the book SQL in a Nutshell as giveaways and of course, thanks to Microsoft Singapore for hosting us in their Innovation Centre and providing lunch!  It is much appreciated as always.

Find the session content by following the link in my Blogroll (Singapore PoSh User Group Downloads).  Pictures below are courtesy of Samanth Pratapani.


Singapore PowerShell User Group - Meet #2

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