Singapore PowerShell User Group Meet #3–Recapping the Basics

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Today was the 3rd successive meet for the Singapore PowerShell User Group, a week later than it should have been but a meet we managed nonetheless.  With a number of familiar faces and a number of new ones it was great to have more than 25 people in attendance.  Particularly since we had to limit the numbers this month due to a clash with GeekCamp.  It was also good to have a Microsoft Exchange MCM, a Microsoft IT Pro Technology Evangelist and an MVP from the Windows IT Pro group in the room, it’s great to have that kind of interest in what you’re doing.

This session was taken as an opportunity to reaffirm the basics of PowerShell covered in the first two meets, despite running over the scheduled time we were also able to add a little about PowerShell v3 and Windows 8.  It was also good to speak to the new guys after and hear the great feedback.  Credit to Thiyagu (@Thiyagu – for delivering the content.

The slide deck can be found here and through the link on my Blogroll to the SG PowerShell Group Downloads.

There are also a few events upcoming that I would like to mention now.

  • October 13th 2011 – Microsoft tech.days:  This is a great event for IT Pro’s and Developers and this year will be looking at the System Center 2012 product line, cloud technologies, developing for Mango, HTML5 and all that good stuff.
  • October 17-21 2011 – PowerShell v2.0 Microsoft Course:  If you’re looking for some official training, this course is available at the above date through NetAssist training, as below (if you enrol, please mention the Singapore PowerShell User group!):

Course 10325: Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell 2.0

Course dates: Oct 17-21, 2011

Special Promotion Fees: S$1,800 + GST or 5 SATV days

Last date to enroll: 7 October 2011

Contact: Mary Lee , General Manager, DID: 63775103

NetAssist Services Pte Ltd – Your Preferred Training Partner


  • October 22nd 2011 – Singapore PowerShell User Group Meet #4.  This session we will be covering WMI and writing your first PowerShell scripts.  This will include PowerTools (tools for PowerShell) and all that good stuff.  Link to be provided later.

So, hopefully you will be able to get involved in these events (especially ours!).  There were no pictures from this meet but I did snap one of the view from our meeting room, with a view of the Esplanade and CBD.

Thanks to those who attended, thanks again to Microsoft (Richard and Kinda) for hosting us and Thiyagu for the presentation.


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