Singapore PowerShell User Group – Meet #4 Announced

For those who haven’t received the email, the PowerShell User Group meet #4 is now finalised as follows …

Please find below the link to register for the next PowerShell User Group

In this session we have guest speaker JD Platek, an Exchange MCM from
Microsoft, who will be discussing Get-WinEvent and Get-EventLog as well as
introducing you to Hash Tables.  Following that, Thiyagu Parthiban will be
taking you through Get-WMIObject and writing your first script, so as you can
see this will be quite a packed session with lots to learn.  Please feel free to
bring your laptop and follow through the examples as we go.
Please register through the above link if you will be attending.  As
always, registration is free.  The event is held at Microsoft Singapore and
lunch is provided.
We encourage you to register on our online community site
and get involved in the online discussions.  You will find links in the forums
to the previous session slides and transcripts.
We look forward to seeing you there, please feel free to forward this email
if you think it will be relevant to colleagues and friends.  If you have any
questions please email myself or Thiyagu.
Thank you
Matt-Hitchcock –ObjectAttributes @{email=””,twitter=”@matthitchcock”,blog=””}
Thiyagu-Parthiban –ObjectAttributes @{email=””,twitter=”@Thiyagu84”,blog=””}

UPDATE: Just noticed my clever contact information format didn’t quite work, hopefully I have now corrected it.

So we’re about to be 4 meet’s in and I have to say, I’m really happy with how this is going and Thiyagu would definately say the same.  I think for me the only downside is that it is only once per month!  We are having lots of positive feedback which is great though and being involved in running the group is just a great experience.  Hopefully there will be something of relevance for me to present soon.  I’m also aware of the lack of blog posts of late, this has been down to work and study which should hopefully slow down quite soon.  Until then, thanks for checking back and I will try to post some useful stuff over the coming week or so, including the ActiveHealth scripts I have been working on.


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