Singapore PowerShell User Group – Meet #4

On Saturday we ran our 4th successive meet for the user group.  We’re a little bit off from our intended last Saturday of the month, but it’d due to a number of scheduling conflicts.  In fact, the next meet will now be on 19th November rather than the last Saturday (26th) but we’ll get to that in the next event post.  This session saw JD Platek (Microsoft Consulting and Exchange 2010 MCM) take the 20+ attendees through Get-EventLog and Get-WinEvent cmdlets.  I personally got a few new things from this session particularly around filtering and searching the logs, this is something I am working on at the moment as part of my sideline ActiveHealth project.  Following that, Thiyagu covered Get-WMIObject and Writing your First Script.  Get-WMIObject was again useful to me personally as it, again, goes into the ActiveHealth project I am working on.  I didn’t know that from the Run command you can open WBEMTest and get directly into the WMI so that is something that was really useful.  All in all this was a great session and we are now moving forward from the basics and getting more into the things you can actually use and this, to me, is what User Groups are about.

I say this every time but it’s always great when new members come to the meets, the challenge is having enough time to speak to everyone!  But it’s great to see so many people interested in utilising PowerShell and getting to learn it, especially giving up their Saturday mornings to do so.  We really appreciate that.

As always the event slides are posted here (or follow the link in my BlogRoll to PoweShell User Group Downloads section).

The Scripting Challenge will also be posted here on the group Forums as soon as the questions get to me.

Until next time …

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