Singapore PowerShell User Group – Meet #5

It’s great that we’re now 5 meets in and running with great momentum.  24 people attended yesterdays session as we went through looping, do while, do until and other such flow controls, as well as PSObject.  The PSObject stuff was useful for me included, particularly creating them using hashtables, Thiyagu‘s coding style is great for newbies to learn from.  We’re still struggling to get the meet scheduled on the regular day and December will be no different due to Christmas and Holidays but hopefully in the new year we’ll get into the routine!  It’s great to see new faces at every meet, please keep spreading the word and let us know what topics you would like to see and how we can help you.

Over the coming month or so we have a number of improvements in mind for the group with increased online activity.  We are making ourselves more accessible to those who perhaps cannot attend the meets or those in other parts of South East Asia who want to connect with a PowerShell Group.  So watch this space for improvements and sign up to the group at to receive email updates.  Even if you’re outside of Singapore, if you’re in South East Asia we would like to connect with you so please sign up.

In addition, we’re aware that we have been focusing primarily on Windows administration during the first meets.  However, PowerShell goes beyond just Windows, with adoption from VMWare and Cisco, Linux support on the way in version 3, we’d like to start connecting with folks who manage these technologies and help you leverage the benefits of PowerShell also.  This will be one of our key objectives for 2012 so non-Windows admins please get in contact with us via the group page.

As always the event slides will be posted here (or follow the link in my BlogRoll to PowerShell User Group Downloads section).  I will send out a mail to the mailing list when they are available but keep checking back.  Thanks to Mark Schill for the two copies of Windows PowerShell 2.0 Bible (which he co-authored), they made great prizes in this months scripting challenge.  Next months Scripting Challenge will also be posted here on the group Forums as soon as the questions get to me.

Until next time …

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