Singapore Early Experts Study Group for Windows Server 2012 Certifications

Following the announcement on Spiffy for the Singapore Early Experts study group, I’ll be starting my blog posts in the next couple of weeks.

As an MCSA 2008 R2, I will be sitting the MCSA upgrade exam 70-417 for the MCSA 2012 certification. My co-blogger Tianxiang will be sitting through the three exams. We will be posting articles which break down each area that you will be tested on to help you master the subject before you tackle the exams yourselves. We’ll share our experiences with exam preparation – but of course, nothing from the actual tests, because frankly that’s against the rules and just not right 🙂

My first post will cover the end to end installation processes and differences from Server 2008 and will appear both here and on Spiffy. At the Windows User Group meeting in January we’ll have a breakout session to go through the various processes and fill in any gaps you may have.

Having prepared for, and taken many Microsoft exams in the past, I am looking forward to getting through this one and sharing my experience with the Community. Not all of my past exam attempts have been successful, but it’s your failures that give you the most education and it was resources I found online and articles by other bloggers that really pointed me in the right direction with both my study technique and exams methods, it’s good to be in a position where I now am able to have something valuable to pass on.

Please follow us on Spiffy and Twitter and of course check back in. My post is scheduled for December 15th. In the meantime, please join up to the LinkedIn Group, follow through the Installer Quest and join the Singapore Windows User Group. See you at the meet.

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