Singapore Powershell User Group – First event writeup

On Saturday 30th July we held the first Singapore Powershell User Group meeting. After the overwhelming sign up online we had 37 people attend of which most were beginners with Powershell, I think it is fair to say that by the end of the session everyone left with a keen appetite to start adopting Powershell to simplify their daily tasks.

The session entitled “Learn PowerShell – The BASICS” was delivered by @Thiyagu84 who did a great job presenting the content (slide deck to be available soon). The content took attendees through the following:

  • Introduction to PowerShell
  • Why is PowerShell so important?
  • History
  • Getting Started
  • Cmdlets
  • Variables
  • Pipeline
  • Execution Policy
  • Formatting
  • Must know Cmdlets for a Beginner
  • Endless Possibilities
  • Singapore PowerShell User Group

It was a really interactive session and, as I said, Thiyagu did a great job with presenting.  The feedback given at the end was very positive also, giving us some great ideas on how to take the group forward and indicating that Singapore has a number of IT Pro’s keen to adopt PowerShell.  I think a number of the attendees were impressed at just how much can be done with just a few lines of code and the content seemed very well received.

We will shortly be starting to plan the next session and opening the Forum and Mailing List on  Please sign up online and get involved.  Thank you to everyone who attended, the whole event was extremely positive and we are excited about the next session already.  It was great to meet everyone and I tried talking to as many people as I could, hopefully there will be more time next time around!

Thanks to Richard and Kinda for the belated Birthday cake.

Here’s some images from the day, courtesy of Richard at Microsoft:

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2 replies

  1. Good Luck and Congrats on getting this underway!

  2. Thanks Jeff, it’s a great project for us both to be involved in.

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