IT Camp: Private Cloud Event (20/04/2012)


For those interested in Microsoft Private Cloud solutions, Microsoft have been running a number of free IT Camps in Singapore to educate IT Pro’s on the different aspects. These sessions covered Datacentre Virtualization, Consumerization of IT and Building the Private Cloud. There should be more to follow in May. Yesterdays Private Cloud session was presented by Daniel Mar (MVP) who actually raised an interesting point about where organisations in Singapore are with Virtualization. In western countries, most organisations have adopted virtualization solutions a number of years ago, when VMWare were really the only provider and consequently now have large scale VMWare deployments and enterprise agreements and so forth that may be hard to change or move away from. This is not a bad thing and VMWare has great technology, but the choices for these organisations were limited. Singapore-based organisations however, are still in the Physical server phase and Virtualization is quite young here. Consequently, they now have more choice. With Citrix, Microsoft and VMWare all offering decent hypervisor solutions, these organisations are able to cost-compare and perhaps even adopt all three technologies on a small scale rather than an all-eggs-in-one-basket approach. VMWare does still remain the leader in capability, but of course there is a cost associated with it and not every virtualized workload needs extreme performance, so the licensing of VMWare technology is, in these cases, a cost that it is not so necessary for all organisations to pay.

Microsoft’s System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012, due for release this year along with the other System Center products, is able to provide a single pane of glass view for organisations who do have multiple hypervisors deployed. Using vCenter API’s it is also able to manage a fair amount of common tasks associated with a VMWare infrastructure, so even those organisations with large VMWare deployments already can find some benefit from this technology. It currently is limited to vCenter 4.1 deployments though. All round, Microsoft’s Private Cloud and System Center products are a solution worth looking at. Perhaps they will be adopted initially by more small to medium businesses than large enterprises who will usually prefer VMWare, but as those small to medium business grow, the Microsoft solutions they adopt now will scale with them.

Private Cloud Technology, Windows Server 2012 and PowerShell v3 are set to change a lot of things for IT Pro’s and organisations that can adopt quickly, these IT Camps are a great way to keep up with the technology and get a look at what’s coming, so I would encourage you to check them out. The Singapore events are usually found here: and I would also encourage you to follow Richard Qi (@richardqyc on Twitter), Microsoft IT Pro Evangelist to find out more.

For those of us working in the Asia Pacific region, the potential uptake of the Microsoft Private Cloud solution is huge, there are many businesses who will benefit from a cost perspective and who have environments that lack a lot of the complexity that larger global companies have making it easier to adopt these technologies quickly.

In Asia, Virtualization and Cloud is not necessarily spelled “V M W A R E”.


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